Top Youtube Niches

So you want to launch a channel, but you want it to be lucrative. You will earn more from the adverts featured in your films if you choose the top YouTube niches that pay the most.

You don’t have to develop an entire channel dedicated to that topic; discuss it in individual videos, and you’ll be paid extra for that video.

We’ll go over all you need to know about it right here. Here are the top YouTube niches with the highest CPMs for earning more money per thousand views.

30 Top YouTube Niches With High CPM

The greater the bid from the advertisers, the higher CPM your video will receive. Here is the whole list of the most costly advertising niches.

1. Make Money Online: Top Youtube Niches

The single most profitable YouTube specialty is online money-earning tactics. Thousands of people use YouTube daily to learn how to make money online.

The average CPM for creators in this area is $13.52. Given that and the subject matter, it’s not surprising that many of these channels are monetizing.

Some sub-niches are even more profitable than others. Content that generates money through affiliate marketing can get CPMs of up to $22.

2. Digital Marketing: Top Youtube Niches

Following that, digital marketing has the second-highest earning potential on YouTube. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top YouTube niches. CPM prices for social media marketing platforms, for example, average $12.52.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Regarding generating money from YouTube advertisements, affiliate marketing reigns supreme. I looked at the metrics of 10+ YouTubers in this area, and the CPM they are getting is sometimes out of this world.

It all comes down to competition: affiliate marketing is a niche in which all large and small players are online and spend most of their acquisition money on digital promotions.

Most of those companies and marketers are already familiar with YouTube advertisements and recognize the value they can provide by targeting a targeted audience who watches affiliate marketing-related videos.

Unlike physical brands, SaaS companies and online course creators (the leading advertisers in the affiliate marketing niche) can allocate a much larger budget cut to Youtube ads because they know they have a genuine chance of achieving a positive ROI quickly, and they do not rely on those ads solely for brand power.

All of these variables contribute to the ever-increasing expenses of advertising in the affiliate marketing niche, which you may profit from by starting a new channel covering similar issues.

4. Top Youtube Niches: Investing / Trading

The financial specialty on YouTube is doing exceptionally well. As more businesses enter the fray, ad competition heats up – to benefit all finance-related artists, particularly those who develop trading and investing video content.

5. Print On Demand / Drop Shipping

Drop shipping, like affiliate marketing, has seen a significant increase in the amount of money content providers anticipate making in the previous few years.

With more drop shipping courses being released each month and the increase of print on demand, these kinds of films are regarded as great promotional places for all relevant firms in the sector. As a result, the average CPM of associated channels has increased to 18 dollars.

6. Making Content: Top Youtube Niches

With the advent of the work-from-home lifestyle, particularly in the current Covid scenario, many individuals are attempting to launch their internet enterprises.

Whether through blogging, podcasting, or (you guessed it) YouTube, the need for educational films about beginning a digital company and generating online content is steadily increasing.

The first step is often the most difficult, and viewers are anxious for any advice they can obtain from folks who have previously gotten their feet wet and had some success. It is valid for any form of internet material, so if you have any talent in content development, this is a great field to enter.

7. Personal Finance: Top Youtube Niches

Personal finance is a topic that affects all of us for the bulk of our lives, but it is not taught in school at all. That is why many people use the internet and YouTube to educate themselves about money, making it one of the top Youtube niches.

Reducing unnecessary expenses is a significant component of boosting your net savings. Despite being a tiny specialty, personal finance videos on YouTube perform well without overly clickbaity. They are all about building trust and providing unique ideas, which is why advertisers want to utilize them to sell their products.

This market is also ripe for various sorts of monetization. Online classes are the preferred option.

8. VPN Content: Top Youtube Niches

The VPN niche is one of the top Youtube niches, with several players fighting in a relatively small market. As a result, CPM rates for VPN material might be pretty expensive.

9. Cryptocurrency 

Despite Bitcoin’s regular ups and downs, cryptocurrency remains a prevalent issue, with many advertisers prepared to spend on relevant media.

10. Business Advice 

It is a broad word that may apply to many films (including the personal finance and trading categories we previously addressed). Still, videos targeting small/medium enterprises typically get $10+ CPM rates.

11. Educational Materials

The following category is a broad one – instructional material. Some of the most popular YouTube channels focus on educational content for children. Adult themes are also popular, ranging from history to how to use Microsoft Office. CPM rates for YouTubers in this topic average $9.89.

12. Technology, Automobiles, and Gadgets

Anything to do with technology, particularly vehicles and gadgets, is another high-earning specialization. Advertisers enjoy the material in this sector, whether it’s a review of the new MacBook Air, a comparison of Nikon and Fuji cameras, or a test drive in a new Ferrari.

There is a variety of CPM rates inside it. Photography YouTubers, for example, may earn up to $7.31 per CPM, while auto channels earn an average of $4.32. The average cost per 1,000 clicks for general tech channels is $2.39.

However, considering entering this market, you should consider the accompanying expenditures. Even if your profits are more significant, you may need to invest in the technology you are reviewing or comparing before you can start making money.

13. Lifestyle

The lifestyle niche is one of the most popular categories of YouTube videos. Viewers like following other people’s trips and jobs, peeking inside their homes, and keeping up with their relationships. Advertisers are well aware of this. CPM rates for lifestyle YouTubers are around $3.47.

14. Cooking: Top Youtube Niches

Cooking channels witnessed a tremendous increase, particularly during the epidemic. More and more individuals are going to YouTube for recipe inspiration, to improve their cooking abilities, or to witness other people’s incredible creations.

Regarding CPM rates, cooking channels are relatively profitable, with average values of $2.50.

15. Bodybuilding and Exercise

Fitness and bodybuilding material, like cookery channels, has grown in popularity. YouTuber audiences gravitate to media that assist people in achieving their body goals, from introductory yoga to weighted jump ropes for muscular building.

Advertisers recognize this, as evidenced by average CPM rates of $1.60.

16. Computer and video games

Finally, one of YouTube’s most popular categories is video games. Gaming material, reviews, complex walkthroughs, streaming, or just gameplay with entertaining commentary, can earn devoted YouTubers millions of views.

Many gaming expos now give space to video content creators, making them some actual YouTuber events.

17. Luxury

The luxury segment is one of YouTube’s most profitable. Several high-paying and successful advertisements may be run on YouTube.

Several elements contribute to the premium niche’s profitability. The first consideration is the high CPM. It is because marketers interested in running advertisements in this niche are ready to spend more money per view than in other places.

The second aspect is that many individuals will watch and appreciate these films.

18. Travel: Top Youtube Niches

Humans are inherently adventurous creatures that like learning about the world via travel. Some with no intentions would enjoy experiencing life if their geographical places switched. As a result, they’ll flock to YouTube to replicate similar experiences and virtually learn or live other people’s lives.

As a result, this niche has become more profitable and receives more effective CPM rates, making it more popular among YouTube video providers. That’s understandable given its high CPM rates, which may reach up to $7 when significantly boosted.

Remember that tour and travel firms are constantly looking for partners to help them sell their services, and YouTube is the perfect platform for them to do so through sponsored commercials. However, the alternatives are unrestricted because many firms in this field are still available.

19. Automotive technology 

Automotive technology is also one of the most lucrative YouTube areas that are shamefully underutilized. This niche has a dedicated community that closely follows changes.

However, the success of the niche is attracting high-value corporations prepared to spend top dollar for advertising space.

The niche has a CPM that may reach $10, but the typical range is about $7, making it one of the most profitable on YouTube. The good news is that monetizing channels in this category is significantly more accessible, and affiliate marketing performs far better.

20. Relationships

This niche is comparable to most tech niches, particularly those involving gadgets and electronics. However, automotive technology’s sole benefit is that it draws high-profile corporations ready to pay more to market their products.

Most individuals look for practical relationship advice online, primarily on YouTube. It also helps if you have more experience or are qualified as a relationship specialist since this increases your credibility.

However, that does not imply you will not succeed if you are not. More helpful connection information draws visitors, which impresses high-value corporations enough to pay for advertisements.

This niche has a CPM of about $8 at best and approximately $2.7 at worst. Furthermore, monetizing a channel in this area ensures substantial returns for any YouTuber willing to invest.

Additional options include affiliate links and paid advertising from direct firms eager to support your content. Furthermore, you may still request to advertise items on behalf of corporations, whether or not they are linked to your content. It effectively doubles or triples profits.

21. Top Youtube Niches: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time and is older than three decades. However, it isn’t widely known as a YouTube treasure trove, but it has benefited a select few. Surprisingly, this area typically draws tech-based marketers, and it’s simple to discover firms willing to swap advertisements.

The most critical participants in this category are SaaS businesses. Furthermore, online course developers find it more profitable for their business because they earn a lot of money from ad visitors.

The CPM for this niche may reach up to $25, much more than the CPM for most marketing niches. Moreover, creating a fortune in this market does not necessitate search engine optimization.

Advertisers are often assured of a return on investment when advertising in this sector, making it a gold mine for any prospective YouTuber. However, the material must appeal to significant visitors. Otherwise, you may lose money each paycheck.

22. Law

A channel that delivers legal information is at the top of the list of the finest YouTube niches. Specifically, material that assists users in understanding their legal rights in the event of an accident, injury, or malpractice.

According to Google Ads, the average cost-per-click (CPC) is $40 to $450, implying that YouTube channels focusing on the legislation have the highest CPMs per 1,000 video views. To optimize your profits, enable all ad types: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements.

23. Investments

Suppose financial themes interest you or you have qualifications as a qualified financial planner or analyst. In that case, sharing investing knowledge is one of the most significant YouTube niches you can get into. Advertisers are ready to pay an average of $11 to $50 on advertising relating to stock picking, investment advice, retirement ideas, and financial news. CPM rates for investment-related YouTube channels might be relatively high.

24. Cooking

Every day, millions of people watch cooking videos on YouTube for recipes, meal planning, culinary ideas, inspiration, and to improve their cooking abilities. And with typical CPM prices of $2, these sorts of video-viewing channels may be successful.

25. Fitness: Top Youtube Niches

Fitness is one of the top Youtube niches since there are many distinct sub-niches to build a channel in. People visit YouTube to obtain inspiration and ideas on workout routines connected to prominent fitness programs such as Peloton, Body Pump, CrossFit, and Barre3, as well as training methods such as pilates, bodybuilding, yoga, high-intensity interval training, power building, and so on.

26. Home Improvement

Another great topic for a YouTube channel is home improvement. Every day, millions of people use YouTube for assistance with renovation tasks and home maintenance advice. Furthermore, you may specialize in any sub-niche that interests you, such as kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, decks, garages, plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing, painting, etc.

27. Unboxing

Unboxing videos are famous in which a YouTuber unpacks a product and describes what’s inside the box and how the item works. These voyeurism videos are pretty popular and have a high video view count to generate money from adverts on YouTube.

Focusing on a single brand, type of product, or specialty is a solid technique here. Users will grow to expect specific sorts of unboxing videos from your channel rather than a random assortment. In addition, like with the other themes described on this page, an easy method to boost profits for an unpacking YouTube channel is to include affiliate links to unboxed things in the video descriptions for visitors to click on and purchase the items.

28. Fails

Fail films are a simple—and profitable—way to make money on YouTube as a creator. People’s blunders or misfortunes have a natural virality to them. Users may view a lengthier stream of hilarious films compiled from social media channels and other YouTube accounts (with permission). One of the most prominent channels that employ this method is Fail Army. You may even add your commentary to the videos, similar to Tosh.0. Please keep in mind that copyright restrictions differ by nation, so be sure you follow the regulations in your area. Works of commentary, criticism, study, teaching, or news reporting may be considered fair use in the United States.

29. Pranks

Pranks are similar to fail videos, but you share hilarious jokes with people. When the gag produces a strong emotional reaction, these sorts of films go viral more quickly.

30. Reactions

Another promising YouTube area to enter is reaction videos. A response video is a video of you responding to current events and pop culture. Earnings for these channels vary, but on average, you can anticipate earning between $1 and $2 CPM.


Because of its high pay-per-view and CRM rates, YouTube has become an essential source of money for millions of individuals worldwide. However, it is fair to note that not all niches are as profitable, as just a handful offer higher returns.

Most channels today generate a lot of money by developing and selling content, even if they don’t show their faces. Still, most of their revenues come from the high CPM rates that particular categories give. It is because YouTube has become one of the most important markets for high-value firms prepared to pay substantial sums to advertise their products.


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