best tech toys and gifts for kids in 2023

Last year’s holiday season was affected by supply chain challenges, but this year looks a little brighter. We’re going out, seeing friends and family, and enjoying the new hobbies, we’ve picked up in the past two years. That includes your kids, who have also picked up a few new hobbies. If your interests are in science and technology (and we don’t just mean video games), we’ve got some terrific ideas for you that will delight youngsters of all ages, from toddlers to those who are grown in body but still young at heart.

Buy Best Tech Toys and Gifts For Kids in 2023

Laugh & Learn Game Controller

New gamer parents are indeed eager to purchase their child a controller, but perhaps not a $70 DualShock 5 since the child is more likely to shove it in their mouth. Instead, use this lovely Fisher-Price miniature to train your child. It can’t play video games, but it has everything a baby needs, including vivid colors and lights, buttons to push, and pleasant sounds. There’s also an Easter egg for adults who enter the Konami code.

LeapFrog Chat & Count Emoji Phone

Kids love their phones, but parents don’t have to give them the newest iPhone or Pixel for them to be happy. This LeapFrog model has a few mini-games that teach basic counting skills and can be played by children as young as 18 months. It’s a terrific method to keep babies entertained on lengthy car rides or even during a quick diaper change and it looks real enough that they won’t grab your costly Smartphone.

Air Hogs Gravitor

Drones are a popular toy, but you’re probably less excited about the drama that comes with giving one to a child, such as striking their siblings with it or losing it in a neighbor’s yard. The Air Hogs Gravitor is a unique drone that they can control with a hand wave. It’ll keep your child entertained while they learn new tricks, and the smooth edges imply fewer potential injuries from hard play.

Hello Kitty Purse Pet

Teens can be strange sometimes, and things that frighten you will captivate them. Spin Master’s interactive Purse Pets, which are small handbags that blink and make noise, are included. At the very least, these new models feature some familiar faces, including Japan’s kawaii diva Hello Kitty and her buddy Chocó cat. Give one to an anime-loving child, and you’ll look a little cooler in their eyes.

Star Wars Lola Interactive Electronic Figure

While Ewan McGregor was terrific in this year’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+, the show’s real star for droid aficionados was Little Leia’s buddy Lola. This small personal buddy was wonderfully endearing, making everyone want one for them, including adults. Hasbro’s $39 interactive figurine is less skillful than the one on the show, but it’s still charming as a button. (If you want something with more features, Hasbro also makes a $90 version.)

VTech Level Up Gaming Chair

Kids love to copy adults, and now you can see if that includes your gaming habits by providing them with their chairs! It’s sculpted to resemble a custom gaming throne with a stable base instead of wheels to keep them from tipping over while pretending to blast nubs. There’s a little keyboard and headset to make them look like an absolute Twitch streamer, and the little tray allows them to nibble while watching actual play footage or the latest episode of Bluey.

Barbie Eco-Leadership Team

Barbie has had several professions over the years, but none is more vital than rescuing the Earth. But she won’t be able to do it alone. This package includes the entire environmental team: a conservation scientist, a renewable energy engineer, a chief sustainability officer, and an environmental champion. With this set, your youngster may act out a vital topic of our time and perhaps even teach you a thing or two about environmental stewardship.

Yoto Mini

Toys like the Fisher Price record player were popular when we were kids; children today will require something a little more sophisticated. A Yoto player is a speaker that can play kid-friendly audiobooks, songs, and other excellent material, such as a free daily podcast full of entertaining trivia and games. The Yoto Mini is a smaller version that can be taken on flights, trains, and automobiles to keep children occupied without using a screen.

BRIO Smart Tech Sound Record & Play Engine

That isn’t the BRIO you remember from childhood; it’s an improvement. The Record & Play Engine is a battery-powered locomotive that can run on existing wooden tracks but adds a fun twist by playing noises that your child can record. There is also a free app with additional play choices, and the engine is interoperable with other BRIO Smart Techs. It allows you to grow your child’s train collection.

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V

Perhaps you enjoyed model rockets as a youngster but are hesitant to introduce them to your children due to the mess. That’s what makes this LEGO kit so great: it looks realistic but requires no adhesive to put it together. Snap it together just like any other LEGO set. That is an excellent exercise for parents and children to do together or for grownup fans to keep busy during the cold winter.

Tonies Playtime Puppy Starter Set

The Yoto Player is excellent, but more minor children may need help sliding the content cards into the top slot. Get them a Toniebox instead. Tonies are miniature RFID-enabled figurines that are simple enough for children to set on top of the speaker. The cushioned exterior also ensures it can easily withstand being dropped or hurled.

LEGO Motorized Lighthouse

With a bit of home for the lighthouse keeper to sip a nice cup of tea, a winding staircase up to the light chamber, and even a secret stash of treasure in its foundation, this LEGO set is highly imaginative. The operational Fresnel lens is at the very top of the lighthouse. It can spin owing to the motor. Even if you don’t have any ships to steer across the sea of your living room, it’s a terrific centerpiece for your home.


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