Sometimes it gets tough to juggle everything perfectly – life, work, and family. And you will often find that your motivation to work is diminishing hour by hour. There comes a state when motivation gets so low that even a large mug of coffee or tea does not bring it back. 

It is pretty usual. And fortunately, there are some tricks and tips you can try to gain motivation to work. These tips apply to any goal, whether you want to ace your career, get your project done, maintain your health by following a healthy routine, etc.  

Want to know how to motivate yourself for work? Here is the comprehensive guide.

1. Make a routine 

Planning your entire day the night before will help you navigate the next day. Maintaining a routine and doing things at the same time will enable you to finish the tasks in the designated timeframe. Take time out for everything – work, exercise, nap, relaxing, reading, and me-time. A structured day will make your mind clear about your goals and tasks.

Also, in stressful situations, the routine will make your head clear, and you will think straight. Maintaining a specific routine will make up your mind to complete the tasks on time. And it will eventually make you punctual and increase motivation in work.

2. Set small and clear goals

Instead of setting a generic or abstract goal like “I will read a book today”, it is much more effective than “I will read ten pages at 6 pm today”. It will get much easier to get the work done when you pinpoint your goal. Listing the doable tasks and checking them off when completed will give you the necessary dopamine boost. And it will make you much more motivated at work.

Keep a concise to-do list ready on your desk a day before. Then you do not have to think about what task you will be working on the next day. Plus, do not make a generic to-do list. But decide on the top 3 urgent and important tasks and spend productive hours on them. 

It will reduce the anxiety that you will face otherwise. The first few hours of the day are crucial. Don’t waste it on getting anxious about making decisions for the day. It is better to plan the day the night before to motivate yourself for work.

3. Create a productive work environment 

The personalized desk decorated with your favorite quotes or motivational messages will keep you motivated for work. Stick the picture of the person you inspire the most, the personality you want to become at your desk. And it will encourage you to complete the work to attain the long-term goal.

If you work from home, you will get distracted. To avoid this, make a separate workstation instead of working from a kitchen table or living room. 

4. Take breaks

It is not productive to work long hours without taking any breaks. You can use Pomodoro techniques and take a 5-minute break every half an hour. You will come back refreshed. If you work on a desktop or laptop, consider moving after every hour. Maybe take a walk around the house, drink a glass of water or do some house chores. 

Moving around and doing exercise in between long working hours will maintain normal blood flow. It will dramatically enhance motivation for work. But the key here is not to get lost in the break. Set a timer and avail the maximum benefit of the free time you have on your hands without investing your energy in thinking of something new.

5. Curate a work playlist

To increase work motivation, listen to their favorite music. You can pick the already set playlist from Youtube or Spotify or make a playlist of your own to enjoy while working. It will get you into the work mode of your mind.

Upbeat music or nature sounds are also the best options to listen to while working because it relaxes the mind and makes you motivated for work.

6. Wear a work outfit

Wearing a formal outfit will make you ready for work. Put a light makeup and do your hair. When you wear your favorite dress, you will feel more confident and put-together. And this confidence will enhance your focus and motivation in work.

By wearing a proper outfit, you signal your mind that it’s time to work. And you become ready to shut off any distractions that may make you lose your motivation at work.

7. Reward yourself

Setting long-term goals is beneficial. But it is also necessary to reward yourself now and then. To increase motivation in work, give short-term rewards to yourself after completing the task or reaching the goal. 

These short-term goals or incentives can be eating out after completing a project. Or it can be hanging out with friends after an exhausting day at work or spending some me-time watching your favorite movie or reading a book. These treats are the best way to be motivated at work. 

8. Have hobbies or fun activities

Get yourself out in the open and change the environment. Take a walk in the park or eat your favorite sandwich. The hobby you have will make you stay motivated to complete the task. 

If you have any creative hobby like photography, making scrapbooks, digital painting, or art, it can positively impact your quality of work. You will be more likely to get the solution to problems fast than others and get appreciated by your officials. This growth is itself a great source of motivation in work.

9. Have a support system around you 

Sometimes, even after all the motivation and enthusiasm to do work, one can feel exhausted. So it is necessary to have a close-knitted group of people around you (like your childhood friends, close cousins, etc.). They will comfort you, and you can vent your frustration without getting judged. A quick chat with your old colleague or lunch with your best friend can lower your stress level significantly. And you will get a new perspective on your ongoing projects or tasks. It is a great way to elevate work motivation.

Having strong ties with like-minded people improve the quality of work and motivates you to work hard. 

10. Think about what people will think about you

Whenever you feel yourself getting demotivated from work or not having the energy to do work, think about your reputation. If you are cutting some slack and not giving in your hundred percent to any project or assignment, your results will not be up to the mark. And then people will not consider you hard-working. Plus, you will not feel satisfied with yourself as well. 

So here is a quick tip on how to motivate yourself for work. Just think about what people will talk about you. It will increase your work motivation automatically. 


In a crux, it gets tough sometimes to work because one feels stuck, unmotivated, or maybe passing through a rough patch. But the lost motivation in work can be gained again using simple tips and tricks. It is not as difficult as it may sound.


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