The best research specialist certification teaches one to research specific types of subject matter in-depth. It helps to discover new things, generate concepts, and construct procedures. Moreover, to apply their findings in the real world. Internet research specialists can work as independent contractors or for colleges, non-profit groups, corporations, institutions, or the government.

Due to the sheer size of the World Wide Web, finding relevant and reliable information demands specialized internet research training and web search skills.

In other words, the Internet Research Specialist field is one of the essential fields with a growing demand for research professionals. This Association Professional Certification is for anyone who wants to improve their skills and gain experience to pursue a career in online research.

List of Best Research Specialist Certifications

Below is a list of 10 certifications from various industries to help you become an internet research specialist. Get an overview of each certificate so that you’ll better understand what each one entails.

1- Best Research Specialist Certification: Certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS)

Firstly, the CIRS (Certified Internet Research Specialist) accreditation is the first best research specialist certification. Plus, it is a globally recognized standard for Internet research professionals. The latest CIRS test objectives and the Self Study Training Guide for Professional Online Search, 5th Edition, are precisely linked with the CIRS certification course. The training manual is best used as a Practical Guide or Reference for anyone who depends heavily on the Internet as a primary source of information. It will teach you to develop practical advanced search queries and search tools for cutting-edge research. To become a CIRS, you must be well-versed in the best search tools and capable of constructing Internet search queries.

The CIRS Certificate, granted by the Association of Internet Research Specialists (AOFIRS) to specialists who pass the exam and demonstrate their knowledge, acknowledges your skill as an online research specialist. Plus, the AOFIRS provides a unified platform that delivers education, Training, certification and critical expertise for professional online research. It is the only organization that delivers Knowledge of Internet Research to the World that offers Internet Research Certification and has members from over 80 different countries.

2- Certified Research Professional (CRP)

Secondly, the International Institute for Purchasing and Market Research (IIPMR) Certified Research Professional (CRP) certification is essential in market research. Moreover, this certification is globally recognized and is used as a standard by many recruitment firms when evaluating the quality of applicants. The IIPMR is based in Texas, the United States. It is the only certification authority globally offering a Certification in Market Research with members from over 54 countries.

3- Certified Internet Business Associate (CIW)

Thirdly, the Certified Internet Business Associate (CIW) program trains students to succeed in today’s business environment. This course will also teach you how to use local and Web-based (cloud-based) email clients and communicate effectively over the Internet using Web technologies and social networking tools.

Once certified, you’ve proved that you understand essential technologies that affect almost every business. This certificate is excellent for students and professionals who need daily access to the Internet.

4- Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP)

SIG University’s Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program teaches you how to develop solutions that go beyond traditional cost-cutting strategies to offer value to your organization over ten weeks.

You’ll learn about cutting-edge practices in artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, sustainability, and disruptive technologies that are altering the future of work.

5- Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP)

The Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) program is the best research specialist certification that covers all the standards of the rapidly growing clinical research profession. This expands the range of opportunities available to qualified professionals. Clinical Research Professionals (CRPs) have vast educational and professional backgrounds. CRPs may have degrees in medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, medical technology, nursing, business administration, health record management, statistics, or education, among other professions.

6- Best Research Specialist Certification: Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC)

The ACRP grants the CCRC credential to Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) who fulfill eligibility requirements, demonstrate expertise in the necessary knowledge and job-related skills, and pass the standardized CRC Certification test. It is the top research specialist certification. Therefore, clinical research professionals may benefit from obtaining a clinical research certification.

7- Certified Research Analyst (CRA)

CRAs ensure clinical studies comply with ethical, safety, and reporting criteria and laws. Sponsors funding clinical trials for medicines, medical equipment, surgery, or behavioral interventions hire CRAs, also known as monitors.

8- Professional Researcher Certification (PRC)

The Insights Association provides the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) to those interested in developing marketing research competency. Candidates must earn 12 education credits, complete an online test preparation course, or enroll in a recognized program at a university. Moreover, the examination will cover statistics, study design, qualitative analysis, and regulatory policies.

9- Certified Research Expert (CRE)

The International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR) offers CRE endorsement to validate individuals’ research analysis proficiency. It evaluates candidates’ skills and knowledge in the research analysis field. Candidates must have at least one year of relevant professional experience to qualify for this certification. They must have completed courses in consumer research, data mining, analysis, competitive research, financial risk analysis, accounting, and statistics. Moreover, candidates can advance to the expert level in their chosen field of study once they complete these prerequisites.

In addition, it is an ideal option for individuals who want to advance their careers to senior or leadership positions.

10- Clinical Research Specialist Certification (CCRS)

The last one, the Clinical Research Specialist Certification (CCRS), is a post-academic professional accreditation that healthcare professionals can exclusively obtain. Furthermore, the CCRS acknowledges individuals who have undergone formal training and work in the clinical research industry, consultancies, or institutions. Or if they manage and monitor the development of pharmaceutical drugs, biologics, and medical devices.


In short, if you want to advance your career, consider these professional certifications. Plus, these Industry certifications will likely increase your chances of higher pay, better job prospects, and new career opportunities. Hence, you should try these best potential sources for online certificates. You can use them to find any web research courses to start freelancing.


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