Best Calendar Apps

When was the last time you forgot to finish an assignment or the time of a meeting you promised to attend? 

You’re not alone, though. More is needed to rely on memory, notebooks, or calendars to keep track of our increasingly hectic life. It is when calendar applications come in handy.

Your online calendar software is your digital friend in assisting you in achieving personal or professional objectives. It records your calendar, verifies that it does not conflict with other activities, and reminds you to complete the work or event on time. Around 70% of individuals, it is claimed, use online calendar applications to manage their daily routines. Millions of individuals have migrated to online calendar software to boost their efficiency.

If you’re looking for the best calendar app, look at the list below to see which will help you keep organized the best.

Best Calendar Apps for 2023

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most feature-rich calendar-creation tools accessible. In reality, you can use Google Calendar to construct layers that seem like many calendars, such as your work or vacation calendar, and then activate or deactivate the ones you wish to view concurrently.

This calendar allows you to simultaneously utilize it on several devices by centralizing your data through your Google account. Furthermore, because it’s a Google account, you may add appointments and notes, make reminders, and eventually arrange yourself according to your preferences if you use Gmail or Android. Third-party programs can be used to extend the calendar’s features.

Available platforms: Android

Cost: Free 

Best used for: Task management | Organization | Meetings | Habit formation | Team management

Ideal for: Personal, professional, and commercial usage

2. Apple Calendar

Apple’s calendar is the default on iPhones and Macs, as it is on many Android phones. You may access this calendar for free by creating an Apple ID, and you can use it to keep it up to date on any Apple device or online.

It can take notes, keep appointments that your phone reminds you of, and do standard calendar functions. It also contains birthdays for your pals, but most crucially, it automatically adds dates of events identified in the mail app or iMessage.

3. Zoho Bookings 

Zoho Bookings is a robust online appointment booking application in your office for organizing meetings and synchronizing the data to your online calendar agenda.

By listing your available time slots on a publicly shared booking page, Zoho Bookings enables your visitors to organize meetings without your assistance. The customer receives an email notification when they book an appointment, and the information is also synchronized to your associated calendar app.

Although calendar software helps schedule meetings, it has certain drawbacks. The scheduling procedure on online calendar software is complex. To choose a time, consult with your guests to determine when you will be accessible. This procedure goes back and forth, consuming your time. An appointment scheduling system like Zoho Bookings may save you time and allow you to meet with more consumers.

What qualities distinguish a scheduling app?

  • Your visitors will have their booking page.
  • Make a list of your available time slots.
  • Automatically managing your team and assigning customer meetings
  • To avoid no-shows, send out email notices and reminders.
  • Innumerable integrations

Zoho Bookings has the following additional features:

  • Individual consultations and group bookings
  • Calendar sync in both directions for scheduled meetings
  • API interfaces for automatic timezone conversion with other programs
  • Link to a booking page that may be shared and embedded
  • Zoom or Zoho Meetings for online video conferencing

Available platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Cost: A free plan is available, a basic plan for $6, and a premium plan for $9.

Ratings on the App Store/Google Play: 3.5/5 (Android), 2.8/5 (iOS) (iOS)

Best used for: Appointment scheduling | Meetings | Reminders | Sharing | Integrations | Team management

Ideal For: Service providers, consultants, and enterprises

4. Calendar

The well-known task and note-taking software also offers a calendar app to its customers. Its concept is unusual in combining a calendar app and a notes app into a single application. Although it has fewer choices than other programs, it does provide added tools for organizing stuff as if it were a notes app.

Although the program is free, a commercial edition with additional features, such as a quick shopping list shortcut, is available. It is also compatible with Google and Microsoft calendars, allowing to display items from these accounts consistently.

5. Time Tree

It is a calendar-sharing program that includes social elements such as the ability to post comments and likes. There are 13 countries’ holidays featured, and you may add notes with or without dates, appointments, and reminders.

This software has many features, but you can’t sync them with your mobile device’s native calendar. The changes you make will not be synced with the device’s primary calendar. However, you may import the mobile calendar into TimeTree and utilize it in the app.

6. Fantastical

Fantastical is one of the most excellent calendars offered solely to customers of the Apple ecosystem. Although it is compatible with iPad, iOS, and even watchOS, the program is primarily designed for MacOS users. As a result, you can go to it from any location.

Although numerous features are only available with one of its two premium memberships, the basic edition is free. In addition to adding any appointment, reminder, or note to the calendar, you may synchronize other external calendars in addition to many additional features. It also has an excellent design and can provide intelligent recommendations or employ concentration filters.

7. Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar, like Google, Apple, and Zoho, is a product of the efficient Microsoft ecosystem. You may get a free version through your Microsoft account or subscribe to their Office 365 premium plan.

When it comes to arranging your daily appointments, Outlook Calendar has made things easy. It allows you to create and sync numerous calendars. You may organize and overlay your team calendars to see your forthcoming agenda.

Outlook Calendar also allows you to create events and invite people by email. You can change the time zones so that an event begins in one time zone and ends in another. You may also add tasks, to-do lists, and notes.

By adding Microsoft teams to your event, you may organize internal meetings within your business or external meetings with your visitors. You may make a one-on-one appointment or a meeting in Outlook premium and configure your preferences for each. You can also send your calendar to others through email or embed it on your website.

One advantage of utilizing a Microsoft suite is that you can switch between your calendar and your email, and you may suggest a meeting time to your visitors directly from your email.

Available platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Cost: Free

App Store/Google Play Rating: 4.6/5 (Android), 4.8/5 (iOS)

Best used for: Task management | Organization | Meetings | To-dos | Notes

Ideal for: Personal use, work, and business

8. CloudCal

With its magic circle function, this innovative program works wonders for its users. It shows your daily schedule around a clock face that can be personalized in various colors. It makes it simple to see your plan at a glance.

CloudCal also has a variety of calendar styles and widgets that may be customized with your colors. You may organize your days by adding activities and to-dos; the agenda view will keep you on track at all times. You may create events based on location by selecting from several time zones.

While organizing an event, you can create reminders and invite people through email or your contacts. They feel that time management can be exciting, so they’ve introduced the ability to submit your backdrop image or select one from their library. You may connect with other online calendars, and all your data will be safely kept on Google Calendar, ensuring you never lose track of your schedule.

Cloudcal has an AI that scans what you say or type for an event and automatically fills in the data. You may get traffic updates and reminders on the fly using the Google Now and Maps interfaces.

Available platforms: Android

Cost: Free, $2.67 for pro

Google Play Rating: 3.4/5

Best used for: Task management | organization | Meetings | Reminders | Integrations

Ideal for: Personal use and work

9. Nook

This is a brand-new, completely free calendar application that provides a variety of options to help you manage your time. You may use it to sync your Microsoft or Google calendars. Allowing you to schedule meetings, create events, and set up work locations.

For meetings, Nook integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams so that you may utilize the platform of your choice. It is primarily intended for use in workgroups. Because it can determine if each participant works onsite or remotely, it speeds up meeting scheduling.

10. aCalendar

The aCalendar app is only accessible on Android phones and has no plans to support iOS. This calendar has a special section for calendars, an annual view that shows all of the events and appointments for the year, and a design that uses Google’s Material Design language.

The potential of this program can be tweaked in a variety of ways. One of its main selling features is that you may customize it to your liking. There are some disadvantages as well. It includes paying $0.99 to add holidays or $3.99 for the complete edition.


Although most online calendar applications serve the same purpose, they differ in functionality, appearance, and use cases. Whether you use calendar software for personal or commercial purposes, it should help you arrange your schedules more effectively and increase productivity. Explore the various calendar applications and select the best suit for your needs.


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