That might be your best chance yet to get a modern Mac desktop for less than the price on the box while still having enough storage for everyday use. Amazon has dropped the cost of the Mac mini M1 with 512GB SSD to a new low of $750. That’s significantly less than the official price of $899 and enough of a discount to cover the cost of accessories. If you’re purchasing it as a present, remember that it may come after Christmas.

This Mac mini remains a good desktop computer. It’s quick for everyday use and media editing chores, and it should be quiet even under heavy workloads. It’s also the most practical desktop Mac if you want to utilize your monitor or have USB-A peripherals with which you don’t want to part. Apple first promoted the Mac mini as a perfect gateway device for novices to the platform, and that’s undoubtedly true even today – you can bring your accessories and get started with little effort.

There’s no disputing that the two-year-old design of the Mac mini M1 has flaws. It will be slower than current machines, including Apple’s own Mac Studio, and this configuration’s 8GB of RAM is insufficient for heavy-duty operation. If you enjoy the simplicity of an all-in-one, you should also consider the iMac M1. At this price, though, it’s easier to justify over more contemporary Mac desktops if you have your peripherals or want some flexibility in your configuration.


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