Apple Leaks New Smartwatch Design: Larger Edge To Edge Display, Slimmer Body And More


As I wrote yesterday, Mac and iOS developer Guilherme Rambo stumbled on a video stream that Apple sent over the Internet in preparation of the Silicon Valley company’s huge annual reveal scheduled in less than 2 weeks, with images that revealed several of its upcoming products, including the design of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Here are the 5 major changes we found on Apple’s next smartwatch:

Thinner body

While the body of Apple’s upcoming smartwatch looks slimmer than the current Watch Series 3, the photos that Rambo published on the blog 9to5mac, show a larger “edge-to-edge” display area (about 15% more) thanks to thinner bezels.

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Larger Display, more complications

With the larger display, Apple was able to squeeze on the watch’s face up to 8 “complications” or widgets – the elements shown on the display beyond the time like the temperature, the calendar, etc – while the current watch design has a limit of 5 complications, mostly to save battery life.

No more “Red Dot”

In a more subtle change, Apple replaced the red dot on the digital crown, only for the watch’s LTE version, with a red ring around the crown.

New Microphone

The technology giant also added a microphone between the digital crown and the side button, which will improve the voice clarity during calls or while interacting with Siri.

Solid-state side button

Finally, we expect that Apple will replace the side button with a solid-state one with haptic feedback (Apple’s Taptic Engine), the same technology found behind the iPhone 8 home button or the MacBook trackpad, which will make the watch more water resistant.



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