Apple Leaks New Smartwatch Design: Larger Edge To Edge Display, Slimmer Body And More


Mac and iOS developer Guilherme Rambo stumbled on a video stream that Apple sent over the Internet in preparation for the Silicon Valley company’s huge annual reveal scheduled, with images that revealed that Apple leaks the new Smartwatch design Series 4.

Here are the 5 major changes:

Apple Leaks New Smartwatch Design With Thinner Body

While the body of Apple’s upcoming smartwatch looks slimmer than the current Watch Series 3, the photos that Rambo published on the blog 9to5mac, show a larger “edge-to-edge” display area (about 15% more) thanks to thinner bezels.

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Apple Leaks New Smartwatch Design With Larger Display

With the larger display, Apple was able to squeeze up to 8 “complications” or widgets onto the watch’s face. These are elements shown on display beyond the time, such as the temperature or calendar. While the current watch design has a limit of 5 complications, mostly to save battery life.

No more “Red Dot”

Subsequently, Apple made a more modest update to the Apple Watch. They swapped out the red dot that was located on the digital crown with a red ring that encircled the crown. It is available for the LTE version of the watch only.

Apple Leaks New Smartwatch Design With New Microphone

The technology giant also added a microphone between the digital crown and the side button, which will improve voice clarity during calls or while interacting with Siri.

Solid-state side button

Finally, Apple replaced the side button on the new Apple smartwatch with a solid-state button that features haptic feedback technology, thus making it more water-resistant.


It is an exciting development for tech enthusiasts and Apple fans. It shows a larger edge-to-edge display, a slimmer body, and new features, promising an even better user experience.


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