If you only write for yourself, you won’t have to worry about marketing. However, if you are working by yourself and want as many people as possible to read your books, you will also need to learn how to promote them. We think a successful author should also be an expert in book marketing, even if most authors rely on book marketing services to sell their books. Since good book marketing needs some work and consideration, it would be advantageous to understand your goals from the beginning clearly.

The main goal of marketing for authors is to involve your target audience by providing additional details about you and your book. Really, it’s just as simple as having a conversation. But it demands commitment. This blog offers eight book marketing ideas to broaden your book’s appeal to readers and boost sales. Some of the recommendations, like incorporating metadata, are already included in the process of publishing a book and wouldn’t need any more effort. Some of the other marketing techniques described below might seem irrelevant, but keep your goals in mind and apply them the same way you create your book marketing strategy when writing it.

Create Your Author Website And Write Blog Posts

You can encourage potential readers to find you even before you finish writing your book. Update your website with content that will appear in your target audience’s organic search results. If your book is about self-development, talk about the latest scientific advancements in the field while mixing your book’s concepts from time to time. If your book is a piece of fantasy, you might talk about the best sellers or well-known individuals in the field.

Additionally, you can market your book by hosting giveaways and competitions as the publication date draws closer. Post engaging content that encourages people in your target market to register for updates. If your website goes live around a year before the publication of your book, you will have enough time to build a sizable mailing list and improve your website’s ranking.

Build A Credible Image On Digital Platforms

Your digital presence can be improved in a number of ways. For instance, you could post your articles on popular websites, participate in forums where individuals discuss your book, request to be featured on a blog or website that appeals to your target audience, or submit a guest post there. In your byline, don’t forget to include a link to your website as well as any books you have written or are actively working on. If you lack time to complete all of these tasks, you can instead employ book marketing services to do the legwork for you. In addition, they employ skilled specialists who are familiar with all the highs and lows of book marketing.

Use Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Book

Make a Facebook author profile and a Twitter account. Make a note of the articles and advertisements that get the most views, responses, and sharing. Use what you discover to expand your social media following and improve interactions with them.

Research On The Best-Selling Books Of Your Category

By researching the titles, covers, and fonts of other books in your genre, you can discover what appeals to readers the most. Make a list of the assumptions you like or don’t like, and think about why you want or don’t like each one. The benefits of reading the greatest books are numerous. While reading their reviews, you will discover some fascinating phrases and words that define and connect with your target audience. Additionally, by including these in the metadata listings for your book, you can help your target audience find your book using their search queries.

Additionally, as you progress through this process, keep looking for fair and enlightening reviews; you can add those reviewers to your list and request a review from them after your book is complete.

Try To Get As Many Reviews As Possible For Your Book

One of the quickest ways to get reviews for your new book is to approach reviewers of your earlier novels with a free copy and a polite request. However, if you are a debut author, you should look for the best Amazon reviewers and compile a list of people who have written about books in your genre. Reviews for pre-order books are not permitted on Amazon. Still, if you have published a paperback edition of your book and linked it to an unreleased ebook, any reviews you receive for the paperback will also be applied to the ebook. This way, you can even draw more people to read your book.

Create A Captivating Book Blurb

A promotional paragraph for a book that is between 100 and 150 words long is called a blurb. Both the back covers of printed books and online bookstores include it in their book descriptions. Create an intriguing first line that grabs the reader’s attention and tempts them to continue reading. Follow it up with a hint about the plot, the characters, or the main theme, depending on the genre of your book. Put magnificent, incredible, or powerful adjectives into action. The reader should be captivated by your conclusion. You can also mention any favorable editorial evaluations your book has had in the blurb.

Designate A Separate Budget For Professional Book Cover Design Services

Would someone look at a book again if the cover is tasteless, irrelevant, or incomplete? How about one with attention-grabbing fonts and colors? A properly designed book cover is crucial to a book’s marketability, and using a professional book cover design service is the best way to achieve this. However, if you already use book marketing services, you might inquire about their book cover design services availability.

Publish Your Book On Popular Literary Platforms

Amazon is the biggest seller of both digital and physical books thanks to Create Space for print books and Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for ebooks. If you include Amazon’s KDP, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Apple’s iBooks in your publishing plan, you would have covered the channels that generate 95% of ebook sales. However, smaller retailers also contribute to better visibility even when their revenue share is negligible.


Planning out a book marketing strategy is not very important for authors who work with a traditional publisher. The book’s promotion and distribution will be handled by the publisher, who will also arrange for editorial reviews, book launches, giveaways, a presence at a literary fair, prominent newspaper coverage, and a presence in bookstores. On the other hand, writers who self-publish must deal with these problems on their own, getting inspiration and help from a number of sources, such as book marketing services.

This blog does not aim to be an exhaustive guide on book marketing strategies. It aims to bring to your consideration that marketing is just circulating information about your book and making it available through as many channels as you can. As you practice these book marketing tips, you will learn many more ways to market your book and connect with your readers. Additionally, you can use professional book marketing services because they are aware of the most effective book marketing techniques and will use those to support the objectives of your book. So, start marketing your book—that matters the most here!


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