7 Gmail tips every emailer should know


Google overhauled Gmail with a new look and a host of new features, including Smart Compose, and you can get the new Gmail right now. While the new additions are appreciated, Gmail has a number of oldies but goodies that you may have overlooked. Here are 7 Gmail tips that will make your workflow smooth.

Mute annoyingly noisy email threads

Muting group texts are probably the single greatest thing about owning an iPhone at Cricket Wireless) (or at least texting on an iPhone), and Gmail offers a similar ability to mute noisy email threads. If you got put on a group email and no longer care to follow the back-and-forth replies, you can opt out. Open the thread, click the triple-dot button at the top, and click Mute. The conversation will be moved to your archive, remaining even when more replies arrive.

All Mail view of Gmail includes your archived messages. You can then unmute the conversation by opening it and clicking the Move to Inbox button at the top of the page.

Send and archive for the win

Add a second send option for replies and forwards to archive conversations. It’s helpful for keeping your inbox orderly. And don’t worry; the conversation will pop back up in your inbox if someone replies. To set it up, click the gear icon in the top right and go to Settings > General > Send & Archive, select Show “Send & Archive” button in reply, and then scroll down and hit the Save Changes button. You’ll see a blue Send-and-archive chive button next to the regular Send button at the bottom of replies and forwards.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Set undo send to 30 seconds

There’s an undo option for emails you send and then immediately regret sending, whether because of a typo or your current emotional state. Or maybe you just hit send by accident when you were in the middle of composing your message. Go to Settings > General > Undo, select the maximum time limit of 30 seconds, then scroll down and hit the Save Changes button. (The other options are 5, 10, and 20 seconds). After you hit send, look for the banner that pops up at the bottom of the screen that says, “Your message has been sent.” Click Undo to bring it back.

Best Gmail Tips: Advanced search

Given that Google is behind Gmail, it’s not surprising that the platform offers powerful search functionality. You’ve probably used the search bar above your inbox to find an old email by keyword or sender. However, it can do much more. Click the little down-arrow button on the right of the search bar to open Gmail’s advanced search panel, where you can search for date ranges and attachment sizes, by subject line and with other filters.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Preview pane for an Outlook-like look

If you’ve got a big display, I encourage you to use your luxurious screen real estate and Gmail’s preview pane. It makes Gmail look and feel like Outlook, where you can view and respond to messages without leaving the inbox. Head to Settings > Advanced, click Enable for Preview Pane, scroll down, and hit the Save Changes button. A new button lets you toggle the preview pane and split the inbox horizontally or vertically.

Choose your tabs: Best Gmail Tips

Gmail actively filters your inbox, sending the messages you care about to your inbox while relegating the rest to the Social or Promotional tabs. Additionally, if you go to Settings > Inbox > Categories, you can choose which tabs you want at the top. Moreover, if you simply ignore all tabs other than your Primary inbox, you can uncheck all but Primary for a streamlined, tab-less Gmail experience.

Email large attachments via Google Drive: Best Gmail Tips

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